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15 Nov 2022
NEW!Chatbot in Sales and Customer Services: Ways that Chatbot Boosts B2C Businesses

Get known how Chatbots work and every little aspect you need to consider before making one: Selecting a messenger, Chatbot types, Chatbot functionality, and techstack you better prefer to use for development

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05 Sep 2022
iOS Native Software Development VS Native Compilers (Flutter, ReactNative, Ionic) — When and Why?

What is better—ultra optimized application made native, or cross platform development made for every platform at once? Let's find out!

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12 May 2022
eCommerce Development in the Nearest Future — What may Change and What Remains the Same

Future of eCommerce and general provisions about tech development in 2022

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18 Apr 2022
Marketplaces: From Global to Local

Why do local markets beat the global giants? Discover the most useful tips and tricks on how local markets have made it to the top

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30 Jan 2022
AWS Developer: roles and responsibilities

In this article, we will explore the roles and responsibilities of AWS developers in detail and find out the benefits of hiring AWS developers for your business

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28 Nov 2021
Offshore Software Development. Everything You Need to Know About It And How It Benefits Your Business

There is a broad opinion that conducting business domestically implies complete control over it. However, today offshore software development is becoming increasingly prevalent due to industry's rapid growth

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03 Jul 2021


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