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07 Apr 2023
NEW!Making Development less Expensive: How to Build a Low-Code Fintech Application Without Breaking the Bank

In this article, we'll guide you through the process of building a low-code fintech application without compromising on functionality, security, or user experience. We'll cover everything from choosing the right low-code platform, understanding the fintech landscape, designing a user-friendly interface, and much more

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21 Feb 2023
Cost Effective Legacy Software Modernization — Best System Improvement Practices

Legacy systems are often prohibitively expensive to operate and manage, but using the latest software can create more efficient products to modernize your business' systems

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21 Feb 2023
The Future of Container Development in Web Applications: Docker and Docker Alternatives

Containers are a new level of IT infrastructure virtualization. They isolate individual processes within a single OS and run them with shared library and resource access. Read more and learn why more than 75% of developers use application containerization

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07 Feb 2023
7 Things to Know about Automatic Content Recognition - AWS Rekognition and ACR Analogs

Diving deeper into Automatic Content Recognition in TV and Media by comparing AWS Rekognition and it's Top Analogues

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12 Jan 2023
Building an eLearning platform – From idea to MDP

Easy and Straightforward Tech Guide on How to Build an e-Learning App from the Scratch

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11 Dec 2022
MonoRepository (for CDK libs and constructs) DevOps guide

Complete DevOps Guide on how to install and run MonoRepository with Code examples

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15 Nov 2022
Chatbot in Sales and Customer Services: Ways that Chatbot Boosts B2C Businesses

Get known how Chatbots work and every little aspect you need to consider before making one: Selecting a messenger, Chatbot types, Chatbot functionality, and techstack you better prefer to use for development

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20 Oct 2022
Internet of Things Development — When and How to Implement IoT in 2022

The new guide on how to implement IoT (Internet of Things) with modern technology stack and fresh point of view on the process of IoT automation

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