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15 Nov 2022
NEW!Chatbot in Sales and Customer Services: Ways that Chatbot Boosts B2C Businesses

Get known how Chatbots work and every little aspect you need to consider before making one: Selecting a messenger, Chatbot types, Chatbot functionality, and techstack you better prefer to use for development

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20 Oct 2022
NEW!Internet of Things Development — When and How to Implement IoT in 2022

The new guide on how to implement IoT (Internet of Things) with modern technology stack and fresh point of view on the process of IoT automation

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20 Sep 2022
iOS VS Android: Before you Create an Application

Everything you need to understand before Developing a mobile application. We've included all details of difference in Android and iOS Development

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05 Sep 2022
iOS Native Software Development VS Native Compilers (Flutter, ReactNative, Ionic) — When and Why?

What is better—ultra optimized application made native, or cross platform development made for every platform at once? Let's find out!

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20 Jul 2022
What are POS systems and Who Need Them?

In this article, we describe everything you need to know about PoS and even how to turn your iPad into a fully operational selling device

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06 Jul 2022
The Ultimate Guide to Headless — when to use it for CMS

What is a Content Management System and when it should be upgraded to Headless. Pros and Cons of Headless CMS and improvements it can give you after the upgrade to Headless

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22 Jun 2022
Saving the World: What Humanity can do to End Crisis and Improve Environment

Following up the previous message on Crisis, RabbitPeepers has made an assumption on what we all can do to have an impact on our Planet. Eco-activism, green energy, proper education and keys to coexistence

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07 Jun 2022
The Global Crisis, Food Shortage, and its Impact on the Tech World

As the World is "evolving", the technologies and possibilites are adding up to the game, the humanity seems to be crawling into the pitfall. Today we look at the shocking prediction of the Global Food Crisis and the obvious signs of it

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