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19 Dec 2021
IT Consulting Services: Why It Is Necessary To Hire A Consultant

Regardless of the business industry, the technology world is expanding every day. The innovations can be overwhelming, and it can be challenging to handle all the processes without proper skills. As a business owner, you may seem to be doing everything right but still don’t get the expected results

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12 Dec 2021
Headless CMS vs. Serverless CMS: The Main Difference & Which One To Choose

There comes the point when the necessity of a CMS implementation becomes an integral part of your business. Especially if you plan to make major changes or switch to other scopes of products

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28 Nov 2021
Offshore Software Development. Everything You Need to Know About It And How It Benefits Your Business

There is a broad opinion that conducting business domestically implies complete control over it. However, today offshore software development is becoming increasingly prevalent due to industry's rapid growth

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14 Oct 2021
We are RabbitPeepers — a Ukraine-based software development team

RabbitPeepers is a next-gen software development and consulting company that efficiently launches progressive solutions for startups and mid-sized businesses

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03 Jul 2021
08 Nov 2020
Saleor Features Introduction

Quick overview of the essentials of world fastest growing eCommerce platform Saleor

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04 Oct 2020
Mimic mobile password input with React

Open Source React lib to mimic mobile password input behaviour

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11 Sep 2020
Lang4U: JamStack to support product launch on new markets

Complex solution for international online education product. CI/CD, payment system, content management

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