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Saleor Features Introduction

Mykola Vasylenko
Mykola Vasylenko
Founder, Development Lead

Saleor is headless, highly performant, and global by its design eCommerce platform.
It claimed to be the fastest-growing eCommerce platform these days.

Innovate faster

Due to the decoupled architecture, Saleor offers huge flexibility from an integration and storefront customization perspective. It allows you to utilize the power of your CRM, CMS, payment gateway.

Quickly build any storefront you need

Saleor has built-in deeply-customizable PWA. Because of GraphQL API storefront can behave exactly as you want. Keeping underlying logic stable.

Flexible product model

Organize your catalog in the most natural way using product variant and product bundle concepts.

Extend business globally

Don’t make any artificial borders. The platform provides multi-language and multi-warehouse out of the box.

Increase performance and reduce costs

Service architecture lets your pages are open instantly and API is scaled and greatly optimized. Also, Saleor offers flexibility in the cloud provided choices.

Feel interested? Our technical specialist can give you an expert consultation for modern eCommerce tools, including Saleor.

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Mykola Vasylenko
Mykola Vasylenko

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Mykola Vasylenko
Mykola Vasylenko
Tonya Smyrnova
Tonya Smyrnova

Case studyPikky.space: startup in weeks with Firebase

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