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Mimic mobile password input with React

Finish date: 28 Sep 2020
Mykola Vasylenko
Mykola Vasylenko
Founder, Development Lead

Hello everyone!

Sometimes it can be pretty handy to utilize cross-platform concepts to introduce a bit of comfort for our users.
We came up with the idea to use mobile password behavior that can improve input accuracy for fields like tokens, IDs, and anything else containing sensitive information.

Please see react-mimic-password-hook.


  • Mask input per-type
  • Mask input after a delay
  • TypeScript support
  • Tested and ready for commercial use

persymbol mode


delayed mode

Screen Recording 2020-09-14 at 16.55.33


With yarn:

yarn add react-mimic-password-hook

With npm:

npm install react-mimic-password-hook


1import React from 'react'; 2import { useMimicPassword } from 'react-mimic-password-hook'; 3 4function App() { 5 const handleChange = React.useCallback((value, event) => { console.log(value) }, []) 6 7 const [value, presentation, onChange] = useMimicPassword({ 8 // All these parameters are optional 9 mask: '•', 10 delay: 1000, 11 mode: 'delayed', 12 handleChange 13 }) 14 15 return ( 16 <input value={presentation} onChange={onChange} /> 17 ) 18} 19


maskstringSymbol to mask the original input.
delaynumber1000Time in miliseconds before text is masked.
modestringdelayeddelayed or persymbol
handleChangefunctionundefinedCallback function for onChange that accepts two arguments. E. g. (value, event) => void


useMimicPassword returns an array with 3 members:

  • Original input value.
  • Masked presentation value.
  • onChange callback that return next value.

For a more advanced guide please see GitHub page.

Happy coding!

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