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Headless Commerce

The Headless API-first approach is one of the weightiest trends for recent years in eCommerce. The benefits are obvious. Better UX considerably increases conversion and sales, omnichannel distribution expands auditory when decoupled architecture makes updates faster to market.

What about cons? Replatforming. Nobody wants to take a risk changing nearly every business flow. In RabbitPeepers we follow another trand and decided to focus on seamless decoupling your existing eCommerce solution and enabling it with best-of-class frontend experience.

Feel interested? Let's talk and see how we can your business grow and attract your customers.

Make a step forward for your eCommerce platform

We support our clients with a complex solution to migrate from a tightly coupled monolithic eCommerce platform to a headless system.

  • We keep your backend business flows (e. g. Magento, WooCommerce)
  • Enable and adjust REST APIs
  • Build modern and fancy frontend application
  • Connect them together


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