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RabbitPeepers supports The Armed Forces of UkraineDonate
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RabbitPeepers supports The Armed Forces of UkraineDonate
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RabbitPeepers offers unique skills to solve complex business automation problems. Exceptional end-user experience, scalability, maintainability, fault tolerance is what we keep focus on.

Custom web-services

We have expertise in launching startups for various domains.

Evolve your business today with scalable microservice architecture, modern UI/UX techniques, and by empowering your project with SAAS solutions.

Primarily we working on the NodeJS stack, using both TypeScript and JavaScript.

Depends on the requirements, we develop on MERN, JAMStack, NextJS, Moleculer, or NestJS as well.

In some cases, we may choose VueJS as a UI framework.

Headless Commerce

We provide our customers with a cutting-edge Headless Commerce approach. Scalable in its' nature, the pluggable architecture allows you to innovate without limits.

  • Rapid and Non-Codependent Updates
  • Fast and Seamless Integrations
  • More Room for User Experience Optimizations
  • Decreased Load Times
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Internet Of Things

Internet Of Things

Build interactions beetwen devices and:

  • MQTT brockers (Mosquitto, VerneMQ)
  • connect sensors and RFID scanners
  • Realtime dashboards and analytics
  • Monitoring
  • Integration existing IoT solutions
  • Payment terminals
  • Consultations


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