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Custom-built product

Provide excellent experience to your customers with unique and neat functionality. We don't limit your requirements with specific platform nor solution. We are able to build the service you need.


We offer flexibility for technologies, but for most of the projects the following stack can be chosen:

  • NodeJS backend built on Express or NestJS
  • Headless and responsive UI (React/Vue)
  • MongoDB or Postgress DB

For some projects that require Server Side Rendering, we also use JAMStack (Gatsby) or NextJS.

Featured case

Kubernetes Infrastructure web-manager

  • Custom microservice-based solution
  • The client's goal fully met: add the ability to run WordPress instances in two clicks and a few minutes
  • The easily customizable solution that can be plugged on
  • Our client has received and maintains the business effect of reducing infrastructure management cost, as well as the long-term effect namely the increasing sales
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